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Sunday and Monday: closed • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: noon – 5 p.m.
Saturday: 10 - 3 p.m.


Contemporary Art Group Annual Members Show

Heinz W. Otto Gallery

Wednesday May 3 – Wednesday, May 31

Contemporary Art Group is pleased to announce its annual members show to be held in the Heinz W. Otto Gallery. Contemporary Art Group is a non-profit group of about 50 artists from central New Jersey who meet regularly at The Watchung Art Center to discuss art and support the creative endeavors of its members.

LCecilly Sullivan - Lois

Cecilly Sullivan

This show will represent twenty eight artists exhibiting painting,pastels,fine art photography, sculpture and ceramics. Participating artists are:
Charlann Meluso, Diane Gallo, Don Kuhn, Dorothy Bellew, Lesya Hanenko Dovbenko,
Linnea Rhodes, Maxine King, Tamara Hanenko, Alicia Flynn Cotter, Cecilly Sullivan,
Monique Hendricks, Sandra Cerchjo ,Virginia Carroll, Kathleen Nademus ,Linda Lam,
Ruth Brown, Sheilia Lenga, Cynthia Weiss, Maryann Ficker, Monica Schraiber Otero,
Rosalia Verdun,Gene & Doris Prial,Ghanshyam Patel, Margareta Warlick, Thomas Martin, Cynthia Walling and Gerd Mangels.

The show will be presented from May 3rd - May 31st, 2017

Landscape - Orna Greenberg

Thomas Martin
Figure Study

An opening reception will be held on Sunday . Light refreshments will be served and the musical entertainment will be the jazz vocals of Carrie Jackson accompanied on piano by Bob de Benedette.

This is a juried exhibition, which will be judged by Todd Doney. Born in Chicago, IL, Todd graduated from the American Academy of Art in 1982. He immediately started his career as an illustrator and obtained his first commission, a football illustration for Playboy magazine. He has been working as an artist and illustrator ever since.

His freelance illustration career has spanned over 25 years, during which he has worked with advertising agencies, publishing companies, sport teams and other corporations where he created posters, point of purchase displays, magazine ads, magazine covers, children’s books, book covers and CD covers.

Cognac III - Gerd Mangels

Gerd Mangels
Cognac III

His client list includes AT & T, Budweiser, Charles Scribner’s & Sons, Eddie Bauer, Field & Stream Magazine, Golf Magazine, Houghton Mifflin, Ocean Spray, Reader’s Digest, US Open of Golf and William Morrow & Company among others. Todd has also worked with numerous private organizations and individuals where he created portraits, landscapes and other artwork to suit their needs.
Todd received his M.F.A. in Painting from New Jersey City University. Currently, he is an assistant professor of art at the County College of Morris in Randolph, NJ, where he teaches drawing, painting, and foundation classes. Prior to that, he has held positions at New Jersey City University, Seton Hall University, The College of Saint Elizabeth and the American Academy of Art in Chicago.


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Upcoming Exhibitions

June 2 - 30

Opening' Reception, June 4 1-4 PM

Heinz W. Otto Gallery

Gail Kolflat - "The Observer"

 Life and the Progresion of Human Bonds - Birth and Demise

Gail Kolflat
Life and the Progresion of Human Bonds - Birth and Demise

An observer is a person who watches or notices something – an onlooker, a spectator, a witness . During the month of June, the Heinz W. Otto Gallery at the Watchung Arts Center will host an exhibit entitled “The Observer”, a collection of paintings by artist and observer, Gail Kolflat. An Artist’s Reception will be held on Sunday, June 4 from 1 to 4 PM. The reception and the exhibit are free and open to the public.

Born in the Midwest, raised in Winnetka Illinois, Gail Kolflat moved to New York City in 1976, where she studied fashion design at Parsons School of Design and worked in the Fashion industry. Her artistic career blossomed in the '80s after developing a signature style of large-scale colorful canvases, which melded abstract and representational principles.

Through the next decade, she exhibited frequently, giving artist talks and demonstrations, writing a column about art and artists for the county arts council publication, and maintaining a robust studio practice.

At the turn of the century, Kolflat took a 15-year break from art while raising her two, now adult, daughters. In 2013, an invitation from a local university to exhibit in their new two-story art gallery sparked a complete revival in the artist’s practice. Since then, she has produced a new body of work, reminiscent of earlier work but evolved - encompassing new themes, modified techniques, and a distinct, mature sensibility

Evening Activity - Gossip and Floral Design

Gail Kolflat
Evening Activity - Gossip and Floral Design

The paintings are richly textured and colorful, ranging from medium sized canvases to large-scale multi-panel assemblages and triptychs. All the works are drawn from Snapshots, Transitions and the Big Impact themes that the artist recognizes and identifies with - as observer.

Paintings from the Snapshot series are fleeting encapsulations of people gathered together for various reasons. Based on collages and studies pieced together to form a larger composition, these works represent a single moment in time - they are painted like a snapshot. On close inspection the viewer (as observer!) might notice undercurrents of sub-story elements including interpersonal exchanges and situations hinting at the psychology of human interaction.>

Transitions themed paintings present people in a time and place, juxtaposed with changes around them that occur in a different time. One example is Life And The Progression Of Human Bonds: birth and demise, which highlights the maternal bond of a mother and her new daughter as well as the daughter’s compassion and sorrow on the death of her mother many years later.


Gail Kolflat
ParkEvent - Music in the City

The Big Impact pieces deal with events and situations that have significantly affected our world. These include natural disasters, terrorism, elections, and cultural movements that instigate, press and instill change. A large-scale triptych portrays the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the resulting destruction along a portion of the Jersey Shore. A multi-media painting creates a remembrance of an important Women’s Liberation demonstration from the 1970s, recognizing the struggles women have faced and the progress that has been made in overcoming obstacles. These events have changed the world, and find their way into the artist’s mode of expression - as observer.

Lower Gallery

Monica Otero

"Ordinary People and Special Places"
Orna Greenberg

Lower Gallery

Wednesday May 3 – Wednesday, May 31

Untitled Portrait - Orna Greenberg

Orna Greenberg
Untitle Portrait

Artist's statement: "This show juxtaposes portraiture with landscape art. My paintings are exuberant and spontaneous.  Capturing the essence and the individual character of my subject matter is very important to me. These paintings tell a story, invoke a mood and show a segment of time.  
Most of my landscape paintings on display are done en plein air, or outside, as opposed to paintings done in the studio. These paintings must be done quickly in order to capture the light on the canvas before the sunlight shifts (along with the shadows) as the sun moves on its course from east to west.
Many of the paintings in this show were done on Monhegan Island, Maine, in early spring when the weather is variable. The light on the Island is bright, but all too often the fog rolls in, eliminating shadows and flattening the forms and shapes. The wind blowing from the surrounding sea is a force to be reckoned with. It twists the trees and forces them to grow with the prevailing direction of the wind. The spring winds are sometimes so fierce that I sometimes hang a backpack filled with large stones as ballast on my easel to keep it and my painting from taking off.

Landscape - Orna Greenberg

Orna Greenberg

Florence, Italy, was my first foray into outdoor painting. These small works tend to reflect my background in graphic design. I love the opportunity to travel to special places and paint at the same time.
The portraits in this show were all painted at the Art Students League of New York with live models. With the exception of the “Man in the White Suit” all these paintings are alla prima (paintings done in a single day). The model shifts and moves slightly from sitting to sitting, similar to the movement of the fleeting sunlight during the course of the day. I try to freeze a moment in time utilizing broad strokes of paint and often using a “hit” of pure pigment to accentuate a feature and breathe life into the portrait. My goal is to capture and expose the inner characters and personal stories of the ordinary people I paint.
For me, painting is a never-ending search. I am always learning, listening, reading and experimenting. Art is a journey with many stops and wondrous discoveries along the way. I hope you enjoy this small sampling of my work."


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24th Annual Children's Juried Art Exhibition

Curated by Monica Schraiber Otero

Each year, the Watchung Arts Center holds a juried art competition for children, ages 6-17. The 24th Annual Children’s Juried Art Exhibition was on display in our Studio from October 23 through Novermber 30. The exhibit recognizes the budding talents and creative potential of young artists.  The mission of the show is to encourage artistic development in children by providing an opportunity for the display and appreciation of their work outside home and school.  The WAC therefore, hopes to encourage the support of instructors, schools, and parents in our communities to promote student’s participation in this exciting event.

The opening reception on Sunday, October 23 was very well attended. Relatives and friends admired the children's work and were mesmerized by the quality of the pieces created in such mediums as acrylic, oil, pen, pencil, watercolor, pastel, tempera,polymer clay and mixed media. The entries were judged by local artist, Virginia Carroll, and awards and prizes were given in five different categories.

View the winning entries here

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Form for Exhibitors

If you would like to exhibit at the Watchung Arts Center, please download and complete the Exhibitor Agreement.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Ludmila Kalivoda, VP Visual Arts, Watchung Arts Center, e-mail

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