Artist's Panel Discussion on the exhibit, "What is a Painting?"
Sunday 2-4 PM

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UNEXPECTED: What is a Painting?
curated by Gail Winbury and Paul Pinkman

Heinz W. Otto Gallery

September 5 - 30

Opening' Reception, September 10 1-4 PM

In this exhibit, the curators carefully selected a group of established and emerging artists whose art challenges us to consider what is a painting. Historically a canvas sits on an easel. With brushes and knives, an artist applies paint. But the paradigm and boundaries of what is considered a painting continue to change. This may range from an intentionally torn canvas to painting on metal. The concept of what painting materials can be used has been altered radically. Contemporary artists are creating ‘paintings’ with paper, found objects, coffee, mud, paint, bicycle tubes and even electronics.  
Where artists once reveled in emphasizing a flat 2D picture plane, the canvas now takes on a new dimension. One artist in the exhibit, pours skeins of acrylic paint on a glass pallet before attaching the dried paint to a structure. The idea of paint being applied to a flat surface has been turned on its head. Another exhibitor paints in a traditional manner with brushes and casein paint, but plays with our understanding of painting by adding elements to the canvas that break up the division between painting and sculpture. Pushing the envelope further, several participants explore the use of technology on art with digital printing, plastics and light as their materials. This exhibit features renowned established artists as well as younger artists who are emerging, experimenting, and slowly beginning to make their mark in the art world.
Guest curator, artist and painter, Gail Winbury and Watchung Art’s Center’s board member and artist, Paul XO Pinkman, jointly curate this exhibit.
The artists in this exhibit include Gregory Coates, Steve DeFrank, Monica Delgado, Pat Lay, Laura Petrovich-Cheney, Kaare Rafoss, Christine Romanell, Fausto Sevilla, Eric Valosin, Gail Winbury, and Etty Yaniv. 

Gregory Coates - Expesnsive Rust

Gregory Coates
Expesnsive Rust

Gregory Coates is an artist in Allentown, Pa, and teaches in the Residency Program at the School of Visual Arts. His awards include, The New York Foundation of the Arts Fellowship in painting, The Joan Mitchell Foundation Fellowship for Excellence and more. His work is presented in public and museum collections including the Smithsonian Institute of American Art and The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

Steve DeFrank, MFA, is full-time faculty at the School of Visual Art, in NYC. DeFrank is an American Academy of Arts and Letters awardee and a Fulbright Scholar.  Steve has had 6 solo shows and pmany group shows. He will be a part of a traveling museum exhibition, which opens next year in 2018 at the Oaxaca Museum of Contemporary Arts in Mexico. His studio is in the Bronx, New York.

Monica Delgado’s work has been shown in Singapore and Manila, Philippines, Turkey as well as New York City. This is her first New Jersey exhibit. She maintains a studio in Long Island City, New York. She received her BFA from the University of the Philippines. 

Pat Lay is a graduate of Pratt Institute and Rochester Institute of Technology.  Her work has been included in exhibitions worldwide and in solo and group shows at major museums in the US. Lay has received two grants from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and a grant from the American Scandinavian Foundation.  She lives and works in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Laura Petrovich Cheney - On Track

Laura Petrovich Cheney
On Track

Laura Petrovich-Cheney is a New Jersey based artist and educator. Recipient of the 2017 Fellowship in sculpture from the New Jersey Council on the Arts and a National Endowment for the Arts grant, among others, her work has been widely seen throughout the Northeastern US. She currently has a studio in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Kaare Rafoss - Infidels 4

Kaare Rafoss
Infidels 4

Kaare Rafoss holds degrees in painting from Pratt Institute and the Yale School of Art.  Rafoss has received grants from the State University of New York, the New York State Arts Council (C.A.P.S.), the National Endowment for the Arts, and the New Jersey State Council for the Arts. His studio is in Jersey City, New Jersey. 

Christine Romanell received her MFA from Montclair State University. Christine’s work focuses on aperiodic patterns as they relate to the underlying structures of reality. Her work has been exhibited in various venues throughout the United States. She has a studio in Manufacturers Village in Orange, NJ. 

Fausto Sevila received grants from the NJ State Council on the Arts and The Geraldine R Dodge Foundation among others. Having received his MFA from Rutgers University, his works have been exhibited throughout the New York and New Jersey and been included in several museum shows.

Eric Valosin - W(ith)indow 4

Eric Valosin
W(ith)indow 4

Eric Valosin holds a B.A. in Studio Art from Drew University and an M.F.A. from Montclair State University. His work has been exhibited throughout the greater New York area and in Europe. His work uses light and projection with drawing, painting, and new media to explore mystical experience since the advent of cyber space and postmodernism.

Gail Winbury, was born in Chicago. She exhibits in galleries and museums in the States and Europe. She has had 8 solo exhibitions and recently returned from a two-person show in Germany. She participated in a residency at the School of Visual Arts, New York, and the Bau Foundation in Italy. Winbury was awarded an artist exchange in Israel. Her studio is in Manufacturers Village, Orange, NJ.

Etty Yaniv was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and currently works on her art and art writing in Brooklyn. She holds a BFA from Parsons School of Design, and MFA degree from SUNY Purchase. She exhibited in solo and group shows at galleries and museums nationally and internationally. Yaniv is also a curator and art writer.

Curator and artist Paul XO Pinkman is the Vice President of Visual Arts at the Watchung Art Center and the Director of the New Art Group. His work has been shown in the Louvre in Paris and exhibited in New York and throughout the United States. He maintains a studio in Plainfield, New Jersey. 

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Upcoming Exhibitions

October 3 - 30

Opening' Reception, October 15 1-4 PM

Heinz W. Otto Gallery

"Connections XIX" - Unique Vision
curated by Katherine Wagner

Sherman Feller - Mazatlan-Mexico--2009

Sherman Feller
Mazatlan, Mexixo 2009

The Mission Statement of the Unique Vision Workshop, "encouraging photographers to search for their deepest visual connection with the world", is well represented in “Connections XIX”, curated by Katherine Wagner. Each of these artists presents photographs representing his/her individual style. From Patricia Bender's intimate black and whites to Tom Dackow's spacious and moody color prints, the exhibit ranges far and wide, both geographically and artistically.

The photographers are: Sherman Feller, Tom Stillman, Patricia Bender, Ross Wagner, Joan Shyers, Tom Dackow, Ray Yaros, Bryan Murray and Katherine Wagner.

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Indira Servaia
"Reverie of colors

Lower Gallery

June 2 - 30
Opening Reception, June 4 1-4 PM

September 5 - 30

Opening' Reception, September 10 1-4 PM

Indira Mehta- The Rhythm

Indira Servaia
The Rhythm

Indira Servaia introduces you to a world of story-telling colors. Primarily a self-taught, inner-directed artist, she has applied her studies of arts in India and in the USA with diverse styles and technique. Her endearing style is most strongly inspired from experiences throughout her Indian culture and by her appreciation for the captivating vibrancy of colors. (Inspired by French Fauvist artists). To explain the striking style of Indira's colors, one could look to the multiple cultures from which Indira draws.

Indira Mehta- The Majestic

Indira Servaia
The Majestic

For example, in her women's series these influences are sufficient to explain why her portraits make you feel as if you really you know the women’s depth of personality and being. Her goal is for people to sense the story within her portrait at a glance.

"When I view a person or object as a potential subject for a portrait, I sense the deep life impressions of that subject and I see them as swirl of colors that tell the story of that subject. I know when there is a story that others would like to know."

Indira Mehta- The Family

Indira Servaia
The Family

Indira's bird series depicts every person's fight to freedom: freedom for mind and spirits; freedom to pursue the longing of the heart; the boundless and fearless freedom that helps an individual achieve clarity of mind as well as purity of heart. The freedom propels the individual towards spiritual enlightenment, the ultimate goal of every human being.

Her landscapes and still life contain vivid and vibrant colors. She uses her love for beautiful colors to help communicate same pulse and rhythm to the viewers that she sensed herself. She has exhibited in galleries in India as well as in New Jersey, Philadelphia and at different shorelines.

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Upcoming Exhibitions

October 4 - 30

Opening' Reception, October 15 1-4 PM

Lower Gallery

Ross Wagner
"Black on White "

image by Ross Wagner

Ross Wagner

The theme of "Black on White" carries forward Ross Wagner's continuing fascination with black and white photography. Whether at the old Brooklyn Navy Yard, the Okefenokee swamp in Georgia, the mesas of the Southwest, or coastal Maine, Wagner has been alert to the simple drama of black on white. Threads of imagery can be traced through these photographs.

Wagner's photographic background includes images from Brigantine, the nature reserve near Atlantic City, which appear in his book "Brigantine", as well as ten years photographing for both Ski and Skiing magazines in Europe, Western USA and Russia, and the decade of photographing children candidly at home with black and white film in an early 35mm camera.

This collection represents some of Ross’s favorites.

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