The Children's Juried Art Exhibition has been rescheduled. We will continue accepting entries through April 25 and hold the opening reception on April 29 at 1PM.

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Gallery Hours:

Our Galleries are closed for the summer.
Please see our About WAC page for our Summer Office Hours.
The galleries will open again September 7.

Sunday and Monday: closed • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: noon – 5 p.m.
Saturday: 10 - 3 p.m.

ON SALE: Great Art in Support of duCret School of Art

Heinz W. Otto Gallery

February 3 - 28

Additional Sales Event, February 25, 1-4 PM

Sunset from Wild Horse Mesa by Patricia Saxton

Patricia Saxton
Sunset from Wild Horse Mesa

Founded in 1926, the duCret School of Art is the oldest arts school in New Jersey. For 92 years duCret has nurtured many local artists as well as art collectors. The studio-based classroom experience enables students to study basics in composition, design and color theory and to prepare their own professional portfolio.

The duCret building in Plainfield, NJ was originally built in 1896 by the George Strong family and was later converted into a school in the 1930's by the Wardlaw-Hartridge School. Since duCret’s purchase of the building in 1970 the house has been a site for the preservation and promotion of fine art.


Untitled Oil

This exhibition showcases works in oil, watercolor and other media, largely focusing on traditional and modernist landscapes, seascapes and interiors.

“The Watchung Arts Center is excited and proud to be offering our viewing audience a chance to see and purchase works of such talent at excellent prices,” states Mr. Pinkman, the VP of Visual Arts Programming. “It isn’t often we get to exhibit an exceptional collection of paintings and drawings like this and in support of such a great art institution.”

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Upcoming Exhibitions

March 2 - 31

Opening Reception, March 4, 1-4 PM

Heinz W. Otto Gallery

Upper Gallery - New Art Group - "Minimal Light"

Lower Gallery

To Be Announced

Maia Kumari Gilman
"Praetervectio: Passage"

Lower Gallery

February 3-28

Maia Kumari Gilman is an architect, writer and artist. She says of her work: "I design, write and paint to reveal deeper connecting rivers of light that flow through our problems and carry us to solutions. I am interested in the weave of words, images and form as they fix our focus on what we think matters in any moment in time. My work is evolving now: as an architect, in a careful, climate-ready approach to renovating existing and historic buildings; as a writer, in crafting my second novel about creative states of consciousness; as an artist, in a series of paintings aimed at targeting the viewer’s attention to that which is eternal, and of upward motion."

image by Joan Rosen

"I moved to New York on the strength of two months of dreams: every night the same dream. I was painting large, colorful, abstract images and everywhere I went, things worked out through the kindness of strangers. I took jobs in architecture, my “field” of study, and wrote about the environment, published a novel (my first, visionary eco-fiction). The abstract painting began after over a decade of living in the New York area, for me now expanded to New Jersey, after saying out loud over a game of Scrabble, “drawing for me is like breathing,” and realizing I had work to do in shifting from decades of pen sketching realistic spaces, to translating the essence of what I saw and felt of my meditative experience enhanced through my practice of Reiki. And so I began to paint, and the weave became richer, tighter and more compelling to me as a creator."

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25th Annual Children's Juried Art Exhibition

Curated by Monica Schraiber Otero


Opening Reception, Sunday, April 29, 1:00 - 2:00PM

25th Annual Children’s Juried Art Exhibition recognizes the budding talents and creative potential of young artists.  The mission of the show is to encourage artistic development in children by providing an opportunity for the display and appreciation of their work outside home and school.  The WAC therefore, hopes to encourage the support of instructors, schools, and parents in our communities to promote student’s participation in this exciting event.

Open to all New Jersey residents ages 4 – 17 years old. Download the flyer here.

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Form for Exhibitors

If you would like to exhibit at the Watchung Arts Center, please contact Paul Pinkman, VP Visual Arts, Watchung Arts Center, e-mail

Download a sample of our Exhibitor Agreement.

If you have any questions or comments, call (908) 753-0190.

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